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Root Dwellers is a grassroots live music and interview series that provides an important and intimate platform to Vancouver music artists, both bands and solo artists. The setting is a distraction-free listening room at Spade Coffee & Spirits in the heart of Commercial Drive, East Vancouver. The audience can enjoy performances with an alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage and delicious food in a cosy, connected, inclusive space and be captivated and drawn into the artists creative realm. 


Emily Molloy Music

An eccentric mix of soul, modern Rock n' Roll, blistering blues and a nihilistic dose of grunge and punk rock, Emily has been able to pursue her passions and craft her sound to carve out her own unique place within the Canadian music scene

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Raincity Band

Fronted by female leads on saxophone and vocals, their audacious performances are loaded with engaging interplay and explosive energy. The five members of Raincity combine their eclectic influences including Amy Winehouse and Moon Hooch, creating a distinctive sound with infectious…


Jesse Bentley

Jesse Bentley is a singer-songwriter who has been active in the Vancouver music scene for over ten years now in a variety of different musical roles. He is currently performing material from his solo project. A true multi-instrumentalist, he manages…


Colour Tongues

Colour Tongues, (spelled the Anzo-Canadian way), is a four-piece Progressive Indie Rock band based out of Vancouver, Canada. Formed by Brisbane-born frontman James Challis and Winnipeg-native bass player Dan Lavergne in 2017, the group was later joined by aspiring virtuoso…


The Noodle Boys

No soft noodles here. With lead vocalist and drummer, Brett Frigon, delivering fierce lyrics while simultaneously holding down a thunderous beat, it’s a mood setter from the start. This energy is seasoned with hints of rock and roll, indie and…


The Living

Rian Peters is the Living. Born in London England and raised by his Caribbean mother, he chooses music to echo his views on “This Thing Called Life” Today The Living is on a different continent in a city shrouded in…



Fionn’s Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris might be young, but don’t let that fool you. The 21-year-old twins from White Rock, British Columbia, have been singing together for most of their lives, forging folk-pop sound centred around the sort of telepathically…


Jillian Lake

Vancouver artist, Jillian Lake, combines moody folk and hushed electronics through introspective storytelling. Capturing the room with her dreamy vocals and haunting melodies, she brings a sense of nostalgia and unison to a crowd. Releasing her debut self made E.P.…



“Write what you know” might be a cliché, but there’s a lot of wisdom in it. The most powerful, emotionally resonant work usually comes from artists who pour their own lives into what they create. Such is the case with…


Drew Temple

For Drew Temple, dance has been the most powerful ally in understanding herself. Raised in the countryside north of Toronto, a life of artistry was always her dream. Her movement storytelling and ritual performance are a culmination of her life’s…